Suc­cess starts with the right plan­ning and the EDGE Ath­letic Blue­print is Unpar­al­leled in giv­ing your Youth Ath­lete the Best plan to max­i­mize their Ath­letic poten­tial.

 With our Ath­letic Blue­print Pro­gram your Ath­lete will have access to …

 1) Cer­ti­fied Func­tional Move­ment Screen to deter­mine Ortho­pe­dic Health via joint Mobil­ity and Sta­bil­ity and Indi­vid­ual Cor­rec­tive Exer­cise plan­ning as need.

2) Video Pos­tural Analy­sis and Indi­vid­ual Cor­rec­tive Exer­cise plan­ning based upon the National Acad­emy of Sports Medicine’s OPT Model.

3) The EDGE Ath­letic Move­ment Assess­ment, this is Exclu­sive to the EDGE, where we break down all move­ment skills and rate pro­fi­ciency on a scaled sys­tem. This allows us to give Indi­vid­u­al­ized train­ing home­work based upon scor­ing, and quan­tify progress to help your Ath­lete progress as quickly and safely as pos­si­ble!

4) Phys­i­cal Assess­ment Includ­ing… 10 Yard Dash on laser timer, Pro Agility Drill, Broad Jump or Ver­ti­cal Jump

5) Edu­ca­tion and Resources for Soft Tis­sue Care and Sleep needs

6) Ath­letic Nutri­tion Edu­ca­tion and Resources ( Indi­vid­ual Care where needed )

 Uti­liz­ing these addi­tional ser­vices not only gives insight to where your ath­lete is in their devel­op­ment and Indi­vid­u­al­ized home­work, but also allows us to focus not the exact needs of your Ath­lete in both a pri­vate and group train­ing envi­ron­ment!

There are 24 hours in each day, max­i­mize all 24 when you have your Per­son­al­ized EDGE Ath­letic Blue­print!

Athletic BluePrint