Injury Prevention

EDGE Sports Per­for­mance employ­ees the lat­est tech­niques to pro­tect our Ath­letes from Injury and Keep them Pro­gress­ing On and Off The Field or Court!

 To these ends we uti­lize the Power of Cer­ti­fied Func­tional Move­ment Screen test­ing, the Ide­olo­gies of the National Acad­emy of Sports Med­i­cine and guide­lines from the Amer­i­can Asso­ci­a­tion of Ortho­pe­dic Sur­geons (AAOS) for Cor­rec­tive Exer­cise Strate­gies to Develop Ath­letes who can Per­form at the High­est Pos­si­ble Level with­out the Mobil­ity, Strength or Ortho­pe­dic Imbal­ances that lead to Ath­letic Injuries!

 How suc­cess­ful are our Pre­ven­tive Strate­gies?

An inter­nal Study uti­liz­ing data col­lected over 7 years of train­ing with Female Ath­letes showed greater than a 90 % Reduc­tion Rate in Non-con­tact ACL Injuries when com­pared with the National Aver­age for the sports in the study.

We Fol­low the guide­lines sug­gested by the AAOS that have been shown to reduce Sea­son Overuse Injuries by over 50%.

In an Inter­nal Study con­ducted over the last 4 1/2 Years EDGE Train­ing has been shown to pro­duce 99% Fewer injuries than the National Aver­age for Strength Train­ing Pro­grams ( and yes that aver­age includes at school weight rooms ), while help­ing Ath­letes win numer­ous of National Cham­pi­onships and Col­lege Careers!

EDGE Sports Per­for­mance Works in con­junc­tion with some of the Best Doc­tors, Ortho­pe­dics and Phys­i­cal Ther­a­pist in the area to bring the most com­pre­hen­sive care pos­si­ble to your Ath­lete!

Ser­vices also include Ath­letic Bridge Train­ing designed on a case by case basis work­ing with Your Doc­tor to get your Ath­lete back on the field FAST!